Gift a Ride, Give a Peace of Mind



Gift a Ride, Give a Peace of Mind
Gift a Ride, Give a Peace of Mind

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The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) TransportAid service helps the elderly and disabled from low-income families get to/from their healthcare service facilities such as their medical treatments, rehabilitation and day activity centres.

For elderly who are wheelchair-bound and living alone, making their own way to their medical appointments can be a little daunting. One of our beneficiaries under this programme, Chua Bee Har, shared with us her experience where some taxi drivers would drive past after seeing her in a wheelchair.

Often, challenges like these deter them from going for their medical appointments.

Fortunately for Bee Har, things have changed since she was enrolled into our Medical Chaperone and Transport (MCT) service. Today, going to the hospital for her medical appointments has become a breeze with the help of her medical chaperone, Mr Tan, who accompanies her from her doorstep to the hospital and back.

Through your gift, we can help more seniors, like Bee Har, and other persons with disabilities to get to their life-sustaining medical appointments and healthcare institutions.

While there are cab hailing services and taxis readily available, these can get hefty over time and may be untenable as a long-term solution, especially those from less privileged backgrounds.

Will you help us give them peace of mind by gifting them a ride?

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