Gift Your Unused Petrol Spend to Feed a Hungry Family Today



Gift Your Unused Petrol Spend to Feed a Hungry Family Today
Gift Your Unused Petrol Spend to Feed a Hungry Family Today

by Singapore Red Cross
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Our Campaign Story

Today, you can turn your unused petrol spend into a driving force to feed 200 hungry families for two months

With the restrictions from the stabilisation phase in effect after a spike in local community cases, work from home has become the default once again. Like before, many of us will be travelling less and do not need to drive out as much, or at all.

We appeal to you to donate your unused petrol spend towards feeding at least 200 hungry families for two months. Not everyone is as lucky as ourselves, some have lost their jobs.

For those who are sole breadwinners, this means that they can no longer put food on the table to feed their children or themselves.

“The monthly FoodAid worth $250 from the Singapore Red Cross benefit me and my family a lot because it enables us to have fresh food products, and my children can grow up healthily,” - Safri Bin Salleh

How you can help, and what your gift will do

With your gift, you can help people like Safri and his children alleviate their food worries, as they will be able to buy and enjoy healthier food as a beneficiary of FoodAid.

Each month, a family of four under SRC's care receives food vouchers amounting to $300. However, when you divide it across the month, they only have $10/day for their meals. While you don't have to give up the little things in life, you will likely find it more enjoyable and satisfying to gift $3/day to families like Safri's. 

You can help support 200 families

With your generous help and support, SRC hopes to bring food to the tables of at least 200 families and rid of their food worries for at least 1 to 2 months. We hope that you will support us in our humanitarian cause by making a donation from your unused petrol expenditure.

Your donation will go to SRC directly, and any unutilised funds will be channeled towards the Singapore Red Cross' local programmes where it is the hardest hit. We are also happy to inform you that your donation, if above S$10, is eligible for 250% tax deduction. 

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