Illuminate Our City with Love for Humanity



Illuminate Our City with Love for Humanity
Illuminate Our City with Love for Humanity

by Singapore Red Cross
for Singapore Red Cross


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Our Campaign Story

As we rejoice in the return of what we've missed - buffets, concerts, family gatherings and overseas travels; relishing our new normal with eased community measures...

Let's remember these are finer things in life which our friends from challenging backgrounds, especially those struggling to make ends meet; those who live alone; or with limited mobility, may not get to enjoy.

As we work to support them in their basic needs - nutritious food; medical chaperone and transport; elderly befriending; tutoring and mentoring, we hope YOU will join us to bring hope to those in need.

Your gift today will illuminate the lives of the vulnerable, keeping them close and giving them warmth for a brighter tomorrow.

How your gift illuminates lives

  • $58 provides 1 elderly with 1 month of home monitoring, response and eldercare.

  • $115 provides 1 elderly access to 1 life-sustaining trip, accompanied by a medical chaperone.

  • $250 provides 1 child/youth with 1 month's worth of tuition in English, Maths and Science.

  • $500 provides 1 tube-feeding resident with 3 months of meal-replacement beverages.

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