Will You Help Us Help More Local Elderly In Need?


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Will You Help Us Help More Local Elderly In Need?
Will You Help Us Help More Local Elderly In Need?

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Following an accident at a construction site, Mr Tan Bak Leng could no longer engage in arduous manual labour and continued their livelihood through their humble handmade fishball stall located in a wet market till retirement.

At 82 years old, Mr Tan and his wife, Mdm Ng Kar Siat, lives together in their flat and would take up leisurely activities, such as exercising and heading out to purchase groceries, to keep themselves fit. Even though the couple enjoys one another's company, there were times when loneliness hit as their siblings and friends have passed on.

In 2018, Mr Tan and his wife enrolled in the Singapore Red Cross' Community Befriending programme, where they would continue receiving monthly visits from our volunteers - even up till today. With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, they also had more opportunities to head on outings to explore the outside world.

"Now, I stay at home less often. We have more opportunities to explore Singapore and engaged in interesting activities and games with other seniors. Recently, we engaged in paper cutting, origami and making of glutinous rice balls at a Halloween event. I am really happy you guys interact with me, so I feel less lonely at home,” Mr Tan fondly recounted.

As our aging population continues to grow, the need for programs and resources to support our elderly in aging comfortably has become increasingly critical. With the support from our services, we hope that the elderly can discover a newfound zest for life while fostering a sense of fulfilment and purpose. Through your gift, not only will you provide critical support to seniors in need, you are also helping to build a more inclusive and compassionate society for all.

(All local donations are 250% tax-deductible.)

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