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Supporting Our Young Ones for Brighter Tomorrows
Supporting Our Young Ones for Brighter Tomorrows

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Our Campaign Story

Located in Yishun and Tampines, the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) Young Hearts programme supports students from challenging backgrounds through storytelling, tuition, mentorship and holiday enrichment programmes.

Enter the life of Elyana:

Elyana, 11, faces a myriad of problems, ranging from family issues, poor grades in school and challenges with interpersonal relationships. Her family of 8 stays in a rental flat, and she often encounters difficulties sleeping as she alternates between sleeping on the floor and in the bedroom. Enrolling into the Young Hearts programme meant that she was able to attend tuition classes and outings where she could temporarily put down the challenges she bears on her shoulders.

“I really enjoy the outings, such as the recent trip to Universal Studios Singapore, where I have never been before. The tuition provided by the Young Hearts programme has helped me improve my Science and Mother Tongue grades, making me a more responsible person. Thank you for spending time and tutoring us in your free time,” – Elyana

Today, she has a dream to improve her grades and pass her PSLE.

With the support of our volunteers, partners, and donors like yourself, the children have been able to broaden their horizons and gain exposure to new experiences like learning journeys or excursions, on top of tuition and enrichment classes.

While we are unable to choose the environment that we are born in, we believe that all children should receive equal opportunities to learn and advance in life. Together with your gift, we can transform the lives of our young ones, giving them all the support they need as our pillars for tomorrow. (All donations to local causes are 250% tax deductible.)

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