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Gift a Ride, Give a Peace of Mind
Gift a Ride, Give a Peace of Mind

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For people with mobility issues and who live alone, commuting to medical appointments can be daunting.

The Singapore Red Cross (SRC) Medical Chaperone and Transportation programme serves the elderly and persons with disabilities from disadvantaged backgrounds by shuttling them to/from their healthcare service facilities such as their medical treatments, rehabilitation and day activity centres.

Mdm Tan Soon Kheng, 79, lives alone and was diagnosed with Stage Three cancer in 2018. The chemotherapy sessions and medications led to severe weight loss. Without anyone at home, she faced challenges in attending her monthly medical appointments alone. Mdm Tan learnt about the service through a friend in 2019 and has since enrolled in the programme. She often compliments the team for enabling her to lead a purposeful life despite her diagnosis.

"They wake up early to bring me to my early morning medical appointments. They also check in on me to ensure that I'm eating well," says Mdm Tan Soon Kheng, TransportAid beneficiary.

While ride hailing services are readily available, these can be economically untenable as a long-term solution, particularly for the vulnerable. Your gift will empower us to provide the seniors, including Mdm Tan, and other beneficiaries with the peace of mind, that they can get to their life-sustaining medical appointments.

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