Supporting Our Young Ones for Brighter Tomorrows



Supporting Our Young Ones for Brighter Tomorrows
Supporting Our Young Ones for Brighter Tomorrows

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Nestled in the rental blocks of Yishun, the Singapore Red Cross (SRC) Young Hearts programme supports students from challenging backgrounds, through storytelling, tuition, mentorship and holiday enrichment programmes. As exams draw near, staff and volunteers would also come together to host daily revision sessions.

Besides supporting the children with educational opportunities, our volunteers and employees forge a strong rapport with the children beyond the classroom and textbooks. 

With the support of our partners and donors like yourself, the children have the opportunity to broaden their horizons and gain exposure to new experiences, such as learning journeys or excursions (after examinations) to learn while enjoying themselves.

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Through these activities, we hope to provide our children with the opportunities to advance in life while instilling moral values that shape them to become responsible and socially conscious citizens of the future. Going forward, we hope to expand our footprints to other areas locally in support of more children and youth. 

While we are unable to choose the environment that we are born in, we believe that all children should receive equal opportunities to learn and advance in life. Your gift will also enable us to continue what we do for our young ones. When you contribute, you play a part in empowering the children to reach for the stars, for a brighter tomorrow.

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