Singapore Red Cross Supports Relief Efforts for Affected Communities in Gaza



Singapore Red Cross Supports Relief Efforts for Affected Communities in Gaza
Singapore Red Cross Supports Relief Efforts for Affected Communities in Gaza

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[Update as of 31st Oct]

We call for your support towards the Singapore Red Cross (SRC)'s response to the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

SRC is sending USD200,000 worth of relief supplies to provide crucial assistance to the affected.

This tranche of support will primarily comprise essential items to address basic and critical needs, including medical supplies such as medication, medical consumables and equipment, wheelchairs, as well as hygiene kits, clean water, and vital food provisions. SRC has been working closely with the Egyptian Red Crescent (ERC), which has been pivotal in coordinating numerous humanitarian aid into Gaza through the Rafah Border Crossing and is ramping up its efforts to channel in more humanitarian assistance.

The humanitarian situation in the Gaza Strip has significantly deteriorated, with limited humanitarian aid reaching affected communities. Palestine Red Crescent Society (PRCS) teams are working diligently under challenging conditions to deliver emergency assistance, including ambulance and healthcare services. 

Meanwhile, there are severe shortages of essential necessities, such as fuel, water, and food, while medical supplies are depleting rapidly. While some humanitarian aid has arrived in Gaza, with support from the Egyptian Red Crescent and Palestine Red Crescent Society, it remains inadequate to meet the extensive needs.

“We are deeply concerned about the suffering and anguish experienced by the people in Gaza. Families, children, women and the elderly are enduring unimaginable hardships.  Many have to walk for kilometres to reach safe areas, often with no access to shelter, water, or the most basic necessities. Damaged infrastructure, the lack of information, and communication paralysis exacerbate the crisis, leaving people disconnected from the outside world.” said Mr Benjamin William, Secretary General/CEO of the Singapore Red Cross.

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